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BKG is the brainchild of Legendary Mr. BalKishanThapar, established in 1963.Since its inception, the company has grown multitudinous from manufacturing of Industrial gears to developing High Precision GrindingCorrugated Rollers. With the ever-growingPackaging Industry, BKG rightly diversified into manufacturing Corrugated Box Making Plants and Equipments.


BKG was the first company in India to introduce elite quality Corrugated Rollers at competitive prices. Right from its formative years, BKG has been spearheading growth and loyal commitment to its customers.After opening up of the Indian Economy to the outside world, BKG faced many challenges from foreign multinationals. However, company has always strived to face these challenges and convert them into opportunities of unmatchable solutions. Being known for its stern working norms, BKG has always managed to maintain a position of true social citizen towards every individualor company associated directly or indirectly.

As a market leader, we are capable of supplying complete Industrial package from Gears, Shafts, Gear Boxes, Corrugating Rollers, Single facers, Corrugation plants, Machined Components to Custom Tailored Forged as well as Casting Components all through a network of “One Contact Point”. This adds to our strength of being reconciled for our customers. This reconciliation is the outcome of the effectiveness of our employees. They always strive to develop custom tailored and enhanced quality productsso as in order to have a long-term commitment. Apportioned employees are responsible in achieving great heights, consequently improving the worth of the company.

Presently, Engineering Industry in India is growing at a phenomenal rate and we as a company play a major role in this growth process. This is because of the fact that the machine tool industry forms the basis of manufacturing. As a machine tool manufacture, it’s our responsibility towards nation to develop advanced technology and make it available to the local masses at competitive prices Anytime Anywhere.

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