Chrome Plated Corrugated Roll

Chrome Plated rollers are mainly suitable for medium speed single facers and manual Corrugation plants. Following are some of the technical know how of Chrome Plated Rollers :

Technical Know How

Roller Material

Custom Tailored. However, most commonly used 48 and 50 Cr Mo Alloy Steel Forging.

Excellent Release Properties :

Coating Thickness Range :

0.05 to 0.08 Tungsten Coating Thickness

High Precision Grinding :

Custom Tailored Rock Profile of Rollers for Economically Viable Production Process :

Hardness: Hardness of rollers > 55-60 HRC :

Highly advanced heating and tempering unit :

Laser Profile Tester

Accurate Profile Testing in order to yield best results.

Service and Repairs

BKG also offers Re-Grinding and Repairs for the old rollers in order to enhance their productive strength. We just require one day for Re-Fluting and Re-Grinding of rollers.

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