Mission Vision & Values

World is changing at a fast pace. New and advanced technologies are replacing outdated ones. So in order to thrive the business to success in future, we have to think ahead, we have to plan today for a better tomorrow. We at BKG are making our best efforts to be a world leader in Industrial Gears, Shafts, Gear Boxes, Corrugating Rollers, Corrugation Packaging Plants and Box Making Equipments. Our employees are always prepared to deal with the changing trends and patterns of the International as well as domestic market.


Our mission is what we are always working for

To be a world leader in industrial gears, shafts, gear boxes, corrugating rollers, corugation packaging plants and box making equipments. To constantly develop and adopt advanced technologies for the progress and prosperity of our employees, of our industry and of our nation as a whole. To ensure increasing customer satisfaction through our products and services using our expertise and experience and nurture a strong network of customers and suppliers to create long term interdependence and value. TO create a dynamic and encouraging work environment inorder to help our employees challenge, grow and achieve their individual goals and thus creating a strong and positive work force.


Our vision provides us the framework to achieve our long-term objectives and goals. We have a clear and a bright vision, which simply aims at nurturing growth with premium quality products in order maximize our customers’ return on investments


At BKG, we work together in order to build the circle of trust and understanding to satisfy and convince customers about our competencies.We always aim to achieve Global Recognition for the Indian ManufacturingSector.


At BKG, we believe that all the associate concerns of the company are the soul owners. Their adaptive capacity is bringing success to the company. As a result, company has a portfolio of most advanced products and services to meet the challenges of Global Corrugation Packaging Sector.


Being an ISO 14001:2004certified company, BKG acts as a true social citizen in safeguarding the interests of the environment. Our production processes involving manufacturing and repairing of Gears, Shafts, Gear Boxes, Corrugating Rollers, Corrugation Plants and Box Making Equipments fall completely within the prescribed norms and we are making every effort towards a cleaner and greener environment.


Our quality products provide the basis for maximizing return on investments to our customers. There is a considerable improvement in their productivity and we at BKG consider this as our biggest milestone.

Shared Values- Our Culture

Our values: describe how we treat our employees, customers and all those people or entities associated with the company either directly or indirectly :


To develop the best products and services meeting the specific requirements of customers.


To Encourage new ideas and support employee learning and development to achieve end results.


Respect for individual as well as company’s Integrity


Encouraging Feedback about the Company Policies ad Working Norms from lower, middle as well as upper levels.


We are known for the quality of our products. Providing Elite products to our customers is our quality assurance.


We are responsible for our actions and we encourage honest feedback to improve our production and service network.

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