Tungsten Coating

Tungsten Coating is a thermal spray process with high-velocity, low-temperature spraying used for the production of carbide and metallic coatings. Tungsten Coatings are typically done for wear & corrosion protection of industrial components operating in harsh environment.

In Tungsten Coatings process, carbide and alloy powders are fed into a combustion chamber where it is melted and accelerated to supersonic velocities. These semi-molten particles are deposited on substrate leads to rapid cooling to form a coating layer which has extremely high density & bond strength. Tungsten Coating provides mechanical bonded coatings which impart corrosion, erosion, abrasion and sliding wear resistant characteristics to the coated components.

BKG Corrugating Rolls are technology specialists in Tungsten Coating process and provide wide range of coatings to suit specific applications & customer needs. We are backed by qualified and experienced team in our facilities to produce a wide variety of wear resist components to exacting standards with reliable, repeatable results.

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